Saturday, September 14, 2013

Post-Yom Kippur, Report

The weathermen, though in Israel, we only see women giving us weather reports on TV, predicted a horrendous heat wave for Yom Kippur. That had everyone nervous, because Yom Kippur is a twenty-five hour fast.  No food, no drinks unless one has certain medical problems.  The air-conditioners were on super-high in the local shul, and the women who usually insist on opening the windows for a breeze, realized that the breeze coming in was more like a clothes dryer on its hottest temperature.  So they let the machines work, and it was comfortable where I sat.  It was a corner seat far in the back, so I was protected from the cold.

Dovening was wonderful.  I love the enthusiasm and participation.  We all sing along.  This year's Ne'ila, the closing prayer was very different from last year.  I can't say that one was better than the other; they were different styles.  Last year was a youngish neighbor with a beautiful voice.  His style wasn't operatic, professional chazzan, cantor style.  It was warm and welcoming; we all joined in.  This year was an older man, who included his extremely talented grandson for a few sections.  The singing style was more "old world" emotional, and he has a "rougher" voice than last year's Shaliach Tzibur.  The emotion works with the words of the prayers.

I managed to stand for the entire Neila, something I haven't done for years.  That's a good sign; it means I felt fine.  And yes, I did.

Another wonderful thing this year was that we weren't disturbed by young kids much.  Most of the time if children came in they were quiet.  I have problems concentrating when it gets noisy.

We broke the fast on vegetable soup.  My husband also had a roll.  And of course I drank lots of water.  I still feel dried out, but fine, B"H, thank G-d.

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