Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ready for the Holidays and Safety First

I was going to post this a few weeks ago. 

One of the signs that Rami Levy was getting read for the hectic Jewish Holiday season, which in terms of shopping lasts a month, was to stock up on new shopping carts.

Here's proof that they do start with brand new ones, but being a very successful discount supermarket, the carts age.  But these were lined up near the store a few weeks before Rosh Hashannah and are already in use.  They wheel easily, too.

I noticed something that most people ignore:

Besides rescuing the kid who could have suffocated, because her head was in the plastic bag, I've told parents to mind their kids instead of leaving them playing together in a shopping cart.  Too many parents think of the shopping cart as some safety enclosure where they can just let the kids play, stand, jump etc.   Or they drag the cart behind them, full of enough supplies for a brigade, oblivious as it bangs into displays and people.

The exit of Rami Levy is a decline, and I've seen lots of miracles, when people have let go and the cart would roll, picking up speed almost running down children (even their own) or into the shoe store's glass window.

Too bad you don't need a drivers license for those carts...

Happy and safe shopping!

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