Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wisdom With a Dash of Humor

This is another book review. 

A Bit of Wit, A World of Wisdom by Yehoshua Kurland, Gefen Publishing House has sitting here by the computer for a few weeks waiting to be reviewed.  I've been telling the agents who send me books, or had let me take from their stand at the Jerusalem International Book Fair that I can't promise to be quick with the reviews.  So, now, since Simchat Torah has ended, just a couple of hours ago, it's the proverbial אחרי החגים acharay hachaggim, after the Holidays when all good Israelis promise things will eventually get done.  Just like the custom to start building the succah mitzvah after Yom Kippur, I'll start the post-Holiday time keeping a promise, which is a mitzvah, too.

That "light" beginning suits Kurland's book.  It's a no pressure Jewish message/teaching/self-help book.  There are short chapters; each opens with a joke relevant to the theme. Some of the jokes are pretty well-known, but it doesn't really detract from the book.  This isn't a book of heavy, deep learning.  The messages are very accessible and easy to follow. 

A Bit of Wit, A World of Wisdom is a good book to give as a gift for someone who needs cheering up.  It's not preachy.  The book would also be helpful for someone who must do a bit of public speaking and needs ideas.  It can also be read from at the table or event as a Dvar Torah, a Torah message.

There's a lot of wisdom and helpful words in A Bit of Wit, A World of Wisdom all very nicely served, with a spoon full of honey and pleasant smile. 

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