Sunday, September 01, 2013

Putting Your Best Foot Forward, Shoes Spotted

As I was walking down to the T'fillat Chana the other night I suddenly realized that  I was wearing may sandals, very basic, comfortable Nayot "tanachi," old fashioned סנדלים תנכיות "Biblical" sandals.  I frequently wear them to work when I have morning shift, which is what I had done earlier in the day. 

They really are very comfortable and sturdy, but I usually wear closed shoes when going for "nature walks" or to outdoor places like Tel Shiloh.  Well, compared to many of the women and girls who attended, I was in very sturdy shoes.  Take a look at some of the pictures I shot of participants' feet!


Yes, that little girl was barefoot!!

Have a great week everyone. 
Shannah Tovah!


tesyaa said...

Maybe the barefoot girl had already removed her uncomfortable shoes?

Batya said...

There was another little shoeless girl following. I guess there's a story behind it, but I just can't imagine walking there barefoot.

Danielle L said...

I love your choice of shoes Batya!! Have never been a fan of high heels - so uncomfortable!

Batya said...

Danielle, comfort brings health. If you can't move easily, you will suffer. Glad to hear you, too, stay away from high heels.