Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amazing Modern Gadgets

We never took up the internet/smartphone option on our cellular telephones.  My husband and I have the small, ordinary ones that are capable of allowing internet etc, but we "opted out."  I prefer old fashioned human contact, although I do email, blog, facebook etc plenty on the computer in the house.  When I'm out of the house I prefer people.  I really can't stand it when I see people looking at their screens when there are people to talk to, or especially when they are in conversation with me.  It's rude.

A good friend, who although she has one of the apple phones with all sorts of built in gadgets (and also knows how to ignore it when in conversation) showed me one of the more surprising little inventions it includes.

Her finger tip is orange, because the pulse (and possibly the blood pressure too) is being "read" by the phone. It's spooky.

When my sister-in-law was here from the states for my son's wedding she made a lot of use of the new ipad her kids had given her for Mother's Day.  One amazing feature was the "video calls" it could make to matching appliances/gadgets.  When I mentioned that I needed a nice bag for the wedding, she called her son, instructed him to go to her closet and find a bag to bring for my use at the wedding.  No, he didn't go with the house's cordless phone. He had his "gadget" which has a built-in camera, so we could see the bags.  That's how I chose the bag I borrowed to use at the wedding, from Jerusalem to Westchester, NY.  And then he brought it along to Israel...

My phone is still a phone, plus an alarm clock.  It does have a camera, but there's no way to use the pictures or transfer them, since I'm not online.

But I must admit that I'll get one of those, not one of the more expensive models, next time.  It just makes more sense.  My digital camera is "ancient" and will have to be replaced any time now.  Many of these smartphones have cameras that do more than my old camera.  The only thing it doesn't have is a viewfinder, which I'll miss.  I need to have my reading glasses on to see details in the camera's screen.  But to be honest, around the same time I upgrade to a smartphone, I'll have upgraded my glasses to multi-focal or bifocal.

By the time I get one, I'll probably still be behind the times...

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