Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Havel Havelim of the Year 5774 at Esser Agaroth

The "mystery format" is gaining in popularity for blog carnivals.  Esser Agaroth's latest Havel Havelim, the very first in this Jewish Year 5774, also just posts the titles of the blog posts.  You must click to read in order to know who has written it.

There are lots of interesting looking posts, from their titles.  I haven't yet checked them out to see which blogs they are.

Havel Havelim is one of the most veteran of all blog carnivals.  A blog carnival is a round-up, collection of blog posts.  Blog Carnival is an internet site that helps us out by keeping track of many blog carnivals.  Blog carnivals signed up with them, like the Kosher Cooking Carnival and Havel Havelim enjoy the fact that participants and hosts use them for sending and receiving links and the fantastically helpful "instacarnival," which is "ready-made."  All the host has to do is "tweak" it a bit, delete any spam or off topic links, add more posts and optional pictures.

We coordinate Havel Havelim on our facebook page, and Kosher Cooking Carnival on its facebook page.

Enjoy and share.  Have a wonderful and fruitful and joyful, healthy year, 5774.

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