Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Last Full Day of 5773, Blessings to All

About a month ago I went to the bank to make sure we had enough money available to pay for some wedding expenses.  For decades I had been pretty phobic about dealing with the bank and had let my husband handle it all, but a couple of years ago we had a change in "jobs,' and the bank became mine.  I had actually found the clerks to be very nice and helpful, pretty much like I try to be at work when helping customers.  I walked out of the bank with tears in my eyes. Not of fear nor anger, but because I was overwhelmed by the sincere blessings the middle-aged clerk and I exchanged for more wedding for our children and other singles in need of a suitable spouse etc.  It was so "only in Israel."

This time I had a long discussion with a different clerk, a bit younger, more my daughters' age.  At first she got me nervous, because she seemed annoyed at all my questions, but once she understood how my mind was working, she began to enjoy helping me through the muddle.  And when I finally got up to leave, she stood, shook my hand, told me that she enjoyed talking with me and we wished each other שנה טובה ומוצלחת Shannah Tovah u'Mutzlachat, A Good and Successful Year.  I told her that I really enjoy visiting that bank, because I leave with blessings and tears in my eyes.

This has been quite a year, especially the past few months.  In less than two months, my mother passed away and my youngest child got married.  Cousins of mine lost both parents in just over half a year, plus a first grandchild was born to one of them, just weeks after my uncle, who would have reached the status of great-grandfather passed away.  There have been some major changes in the clan as you can see.

Now we're getting to the deadline to say farewell to the Jewish Year of 5773 and to welcome 5774.  May the good overwhelm the bad.

Dry Bones
And a healthy year to one and all...

That's why I make a Holiday "fruit head."

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