Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Picturing Things Differently, Memories of Being the Girls Gym Teacher

Yesterday I ended up walking around Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh three times. I may still be a bit dehydrated...and bli neder I'll write more about it at a later date.

First I took my nephew around. He had never been in Shiloh before, and I don't know how familiar he is with archaeological sites. I tried to give a basic, history background of the place. I'm not the greatest tour guide. I'm more into ideas, concepts, historical lessons than numbers, like "duh" is my answer to:
"How many years ago was the Tabernacle destroyed?"
For me Shiloh is more than just a very special historical/ Biblical site and a crucial part of Jewish History. I know that many of the impressive finds don't have any holiness, but I still got a kick out of this...

PS when I was the girls' gym teacher I used pillars like these for games, like "Musical Chairs." But even I thought using them as kitchen work-space a bit surprising. I guess they've lasted so long that coffee won't stain them.

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