Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Shandy Tasting

Shandy is beer with a lemon twist. I have memories of drinking some in Paris almost forty years ago, and I liked it. So when my son offered me a bottle recently, I was happy to accept it. I had to choose between three flavors, all from the same company, Maccabee Beer. OK that does seem to be an oxymoron since the shandy I first drank only had a lemon juice added.

So, that's the flavor I chose, the lemon-lime. As my good friend, Doug the beer maven will testify, I like a beer that tastes "like beer," those that have hops that dominate the taste. This shandy was horrendous. It tasted like over-sweetened lemon soda, sort of 7 Up with extra sugar. OK, I don't drink soda including 7 Up, so maybe that's  how it tastes. If I was to try a "shandy," I'd rather take a strong beer and add some fresh lemon.


Doug Greener said...

I'm proud of you, Batya!

Doug, the beer maven

Batya said...

Doug, thanks! And do you agree with my evaluation? Not that there's a "right or wrong," or is there?

Yitzchak M said...

Hi Batya. I was one of the judges at the porter testing with you. I also felt that the bottled Shandy was just sprite with some alcohol added. So I asked my daughter Shoshana, who was also one of our judges and works as a professional bartender, does she get customers who ask for shandy and if yes, what does she serve them? She answered without blinking an eye. She gets a lot of requests and she makes it with 1/2 Carlsberg and 1/2 Sprite (not diet sprite). I tried it and it was great. And best of all... you can make it in any proportion that YOU want! And as I discovered and she confirmed: any light lager, like Heineken - will do.P.S. I tried it with Heineken. My daughter was right. Not as good as Carlsberg!

Batya said...

Yitzchak, thanks I must try it some time. We just don't keep sprite in the house.