Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Friend is Making a Movie

A neighbor of ours has been mentioning a movie he's involved with for the past few weeks or so. A mutual friend, former Hollywood guy, who has written some great books, such as Tevye in the Promised Land, and had, for a few enjoyable years, lived across the street with his family, the one and only Tzvi Fishman is making a movie! It's called  "Stories of Rebbe Nachman,"  and he's raising a bit of money to finish it off and get out to the public. Maybe you'd like to help.

To raise money, he's using Jewcer.com.

Watch the  trailer.

Here's the official explanation.
"Stories of Rebbe Nachman" will be a fun and inspiring, feature film based on four of Rebbe Nachman's wonderful, faith-filled, fairy tale-like fables. The film will be a powerful beacon of light in our dark and despairing world. The famous Hasidic master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, taught that stories can bring healing to the soul. While most people tell stories to children to put them to sleep, Rebbe Nachman told his stories to wake people up! Filled with many deep messages of faith, trust in God, and the importance of always being happy, these universal stories are for people of all ages. It is well known that after reading one of these stories many many people have returned to the Torah. Too religious, you say? Well, we believe that Jews all over the world are waiting to be awakened through the joy and inspiration that this entertaining film will bring. And you can make it happen! We have already privately raised $150,000 toward our budget of $180,000, so we only need another $30,000 to make this film a reality. The Jewish People have an important message for the world, and a movie of these inspiring stories has the power to light up the universe. With faith in our enterprise, we are beginning to film of August 10, 2014. As Rebbe Nachman taught, “The whole world is a narrow bridge and the important thing is not to be afraid.”Thank you for joining me on this fun and revolutionary journey! for more...

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