Friday, October 31, 2014

Rain, Can't Complain, but....

Here in this precious part of the world, our rain season is short, barely half the year, and of course it doesn't rain every day, though most of us would be happy if it rained every night leaving us with sunny days....

Not enough rain is bad for the crops, the gardens and keeping the streets and solar water heaters clean. But too much daytime rain is depressing, keeping us indoors. The plants need a certain amount of sun, and for those of us who dry our clothes in the sun outside, insufficient sunshine wreaks havoc with our laundering.

Part of our prayers is praying for rain, but we don't pray all year. Here in Israel we start two weeks after the end of Succot, and that's when it suddenly rained.

I heard some familiar sounds from outside, and it was rain! Thank the Good Lrd for your mercy. May we deserve and be blessed with rain, the right quantities and timing. May it be a blessing and not a curse.

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