Friday, October 24, 2014

First of the New Generation, A Milestone, Mazal Tov!

On my father's side of the family, I'm one of the oldest cousins. I'm all of six months younger than my older cousin. We both live in Israel, which is another story... And our oldest grandchildren, both girls, are about the same age difference.

Last night the clan celebrated the Bat Mitzvah of my cousin's granddaughter, which was a gorgeous, glorious and festive event, as it should be.

It's funny to think of the two of us as the  "alte kokus," the elderly ones of the clan, but we are. Yes, it's true that my father is still alive, but he's in Arizona, and a good portion of the family is here in Israel, including all of the youngest generation. They were all at the party, which is quite amazing when you think of it. Also half the generation of our kids were there including my nephew visiting from abroad. He got to meet cousins he didn't know at all, which was a real bonus.

Mazal Tov to all! We should enjoy good health and many more smachot, joyous occasions together.

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