Sunday, October 19, 2014

Winter Weather Laundry Dilemma

Yes, now it's אחרי החגים acharay hachaggim "after the Holidays," and after the Jewish Holidays in Israel means that there may be rain.
14-22°Today October 19
Occasional Rain 
That's today's forecast. It means that it may or not rain. Experience shows that it'll rain when the wash is hanging and be dry when there's none outside. It's the Murphy's Law of Landry.

For those of us who like to dry our wash, especially large sheets, tablecloths etc. outdoors, we're very dependent on the sunshine.

I just did my more scientific study by checking the sky.

to the west

to the east

and to the west, again
Experience says that it's the west that predicts the rain. Rain clouds come from the west, but things can move/change quickly here.

I did manage to do four, or was it five, washes on Friday before Shabbat, so I'm not under pressure for clean laundry.

12-21°Monday October 20
Local Rain 
12-22°Tuesday October 21
Partly Cloudy 

Considering the forecast on Arutz 7 for the next few days, maybe I should wait.


Rickismom said...

By me it is the west that holds the key.... but Ponevetz blocks the view. Also the rain can be a problem for a long shabbat stroll....
As for lsundry, IF I am going to be home I'll be more likely to take the chance (keeping my eye on the clouds). OtherwiseI choose to preserve my sanity; the dryer doesn't cost that much.....

goyisherebbe said...

Janet here, not Yeshosua: Sure, I'm doing laundry! I love to do laundry, and I do it even if it rains. I hang it on an inside hanger; it takes about a day to dry. I have a dryer but it doesn't work very welll. (I have to improve the exhaust pipe) I use it to get the last bit of dampness out of what's been hanging since yesterday, so I can hang up TODAY's wash.

Hadassa said...

My dilemma ended today. No more hanging laundry outside.

Batya Medad said...

Janet, rm, Hadassa, at first I kept saying that it was silly to do a wash, since it may rain, but then the west looked so blue and clear, so I put one in. By the time I was read to hang it out, the sky was grey. I began hanging and the rain came down. So now there are two folding racks in the livingroom.