Tuesday, March 17, 2015

52 Frames Weekly Photography Challenge, Didn't Miss a Week!

Although I was on the road for almost three weeks, considering a staff trip with my husband's Begin Heritage Center and then a family visit to Arizona and New York, I still managed to send in photos, granted not the best quality, to 52 Frames.

I used my Galaxy 2 "smartphone," considered rather borderline retarded by today's standards, for both the photo-taking and sending off to the 52Frames site. When in New York, my phone was used as a "tablet," and I had a small, old, cheap cellphone with an American simcard which for $2- a day gave me unlimited American phone-calls.

Here are the photos, starting backwards, most recent to the one which was posted when I was "in-transit" between Israel and Arizona.

"Ritual," which we were told did not need to be a religious ritual. I ended up taking a picture of my "NY Ritual," which is shopping for bargains. This photo is from the Fifth Avenue branch of Lord & Taylor's, a favorite spot for me where sales items get another 50% knocked off.

I took two photos which were very similar. One was blurry, and the other not, but my big mistake was not deleting the blurry one which ended up being the one submitted. Here's the one I had meant to submit.

The lesson is to delete all bad photos!!!

The week before was Reflection, and I took advantage of the large windows and gorgeous art of my Purim-Shabbat hosts in Manhattan. Thank you!!

And the Week 9 Black and White. I took the photo in Jerusalem, at the shuq/shuk, Machane Yehuda open market.

It was taken in "color" although it is black and white. I did use the computer at home to edit it a bit, which is how I achieved that "blurry frame."

Now I'm home, thank G-d. And I know that Passover is soon. G-d willing I'll do all that is necessary and not lose my smile.

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