Friday, March 27, 2015

Kosher in the L.A. and Newark Airports

It's not easy to find kosher food when stuck in airports. The Israeli Ben-Gurion aka Natbag or "Tel Aviv" has kosher food, but I usually find myself choosing between overly expensive fruit, chocolate and nuts if I can't bring from home. During my recent visit I had a lot of trouble, since I ended up spending the night in Newark Airport. 

I brought instant oatmeal with me for the Newark to Phoenix, AZ flight, but that was cancelled, so I was stuck. There were places where they sold instant oatmeal, but finding boiling water was almost impossible. 

That's because there weren't any coffee places open in the middle of the night. But they also sold some yogurts. Some were kosher.

It was better in the Los Angeles Airport, where I ended up when rebooked to AZ via LA.

Coffee Bean is a chain that has many kosher products, and some branches have even more. There were kosher tuna sandwiches in that branch. So, after a delicious and very needed cup of coffee, I got myself breakfast, a tuna sandwich.

In Coffee Bean, unlike Starbucks, all the coffees are kosher, even the fancy ones. I had a regular one, which was what I needed at the time. But it's a good thing to know.


Ed Greenberg said...

Coffee Bean is an excellent chain of shops and indeed, took the trouble to get Kosher certification for lots of products. Good company and good folks. Glad you found them.

Batya said...

Ed, that LA branch saved me. I'll patronize Coffee Bean whenever it's a choice now, since they offer a lot of kosher items.