Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Jewish Book Carnival and Havel Havelim

March Jewish Book Carnival on A Damaged Mirror and 
Debut Havel Havelim on One Bittersweet Symphony

Let's start with Havel Havelim, the long-running international Jewish blog carnival, which is hosted by volunteer bloggers each week. This week's, for the first time, is on One Bittersweet Symphony. She did a wonderful job. There's a nice variety of blogposts. Check it out; you're sure to find some great blog posts to read and share.

Next week Yocheved of It's My Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To is the host, G-d willing. Please send her your links to with "HH" as subject  and a short "blurb" about the post before Shabbat, thanks.

For more information about Havel Havelim join our facebook page.

The Jewish Book Carnival comes out monthly, in the middle of the month, and this month's is to be found on  A Damaged Mirror. It includes a wide variety of links to book reviews of Jewish books. Take a look, and you're bound to find reading ideas.

Enjoy them all, Havel Havelim and the and the Jewish Book Carnival.

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