Sunday, March 29, 2015

Threats from Google! Help!!!

Even though I've already deleted hundred of emails and dozens of photos, the messages from google, gmail, google + etc have been that I'm 2% short of maximum in terms of free storage. Is this symbolic of my pre-Passover cleaning, ridding the house of the forbidden Chametz?

Does it mean that I should start blogging on a different free service?

When I have time, I guess that I should try to delete some of my YouTubes, films. What do you think?

Does anyone have any simple suggestions? And to make things clear, I do not want to spend money. It's bad enough that I don't get paid for my writing. I certainly don't want to pay to write publicly.

Right now I'm sticking to photos already in the system.


Hadassa said...

There must be a way to archive information.

Batya Medad said...

I've now gotten rid of thousands of emails, but even those with attachments aren't the problem.