Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kosher in Phoenix, Actually Scottsdale, AZ

Just before Purim, meaning a few weeks ago, I went to Arizona to visit my father, sister and family. Since I was worse than jet-lagged after spending a night in Newark Airport about 36 hours earlier, I needed a good meal. We went off to Mozart, the lovely kosher dairy restaurant I'd been to in the past, but I noticed right next to it a new kosher restaurant, PAPRIKA, (480) 998-2559 7116 E Mercer Lane.

As regular readers here probably know, I've discovered that it's possible to get a better, more satisfying meat meal for less money than a dairy one would cost. That's especially if you want to cut down on carbohydrates. So, my sister and I decided to give Paprika a try.

It's next to Mozart for the simple reason that they both have the same owners, new owners from what we were told and I now have read on the internet. Actually, the WC-Restrooms for both are the ones in Mozart.

I can't remember exactly which  two types of meat I had ordered. I think one was beef and the other chicken, but I do remember that they both tasted very good. The meat was freshly cooked to order, and the salad was OK for an American one. 

The food is an American version of a simple Israeli meat place except for the soup, which if my memory is correct, was a borscht-beet soup. That tasted very nouveau, more the style Mozart is known for.

We were very pleased with our meal, recommend the restaurant and wish the owners well.

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