Friday, May 22, 2015

Wonderful Day in the Israel Museum

The other day I went to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. It's a favorite place of mine. There are some new exhibits opened of late. Actually I had been there the week before, but since l didn't have much time, my friends and I had only seen one of the new exhibits.

This time I made a point of going through their "Fiftieth Birthday" exhibit. On display were all sorts of things you'd find in Israel fifty years ago. I had been told that I'd find a Hazorea bookshelf just like the one we have in our house. And yes, I did.

I bought ours forty-four years ago for our Bayit V'Gan apartment. They were still selling the same model in 1977, because we bought another section when we returned from shlichut in London. Ours are still in use, though in worse shape than the one in the museum collection.

There was some massive youth event the day I was there. My guess is that children who participate in art programs in various community centers from all over the country came for a fun day of activities. That's why you'll see so many children in the photos.

I'd rather let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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