Sunday, May 24, 2015

Involved With Lots of English Shavuot Learning in Shiloh

yes, the title is almost a tongue-twister...

This Shavuot, not only did we host our usual afternoon Shavuot Shiur, (class,) given in English by our neighbor Rabbi Dov Berkovits, but my husband and I both gave shiurim the night before. A neighbor in Shiloh just a few years felt the need for some English Shavuot Night classes, especially for women, and while encouraging her to do it I volunteered to teach.

The evening opened with a talk by my husband for both men and women, which was well attended. Then everyone treated themselves to the delicious cheesecakes and fruit salads my neighbor served. When the men left, sadly some of the women left with their husbands, I then gave two short original (totally my own ideas) shiurim to the women who stayed. After that I used the Matan Al Haperek study guides on Megillat Ruth. It would be nice if I could get a few neighbors to also sign up, so that I could do the weekly learning in Shiloh as well as with the friends I have been studying with. That way I could get more out of the studies, and things would stick better in my head. And in all honesty, I find the Al Haperek program wonderful. I am finally beginning to get a grasp of Tanach, Bible. My plan is to G-d willing sign up for the second round of studies in just over a year. It's a six year program, and we are finishing the fifth year soon.

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