Friday, May 01, 2015

Finding Relative on "March of the Living"

On Israel's Memorial Day for Soldiers and Victims of Arab Terror, I went on a search mission at the Kotel, The Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. I had been told that a cousin's granddaughter would be there about 12 noon. Although I'm very close with her mother and grandmother, I don't know this girl at all and had never seen her in person. She knew even less about me, so I sent her a photo of myself, once I made it to the Wall Plaza and started my wait and search.
My family isn't one of those that visits Israel a lot. It's a headline day or year when I hear of someone coming to Israel. Last year was a big year for the family on both sides. One cousin's daughter did an internship, davka, in Tel Aviv over the summer and experience war, which wasn't the plan. Then her parents came for a first time ever trip. After that another cousin's daughter came with her husband and two girls for a wonderful family visit.

And this spring we had our very first March of the Living participant. I kept looking out for her group and took lots of photos to keep myself busy. They were about an hour late, but I did get an opportunity to meet her and talk for a few minutes. These groups a very strict, so I'm lucky that she was there davka the day I study in Jerusalem after my classes were over.

G-d is Great!!!

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