Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Coffee!

When I was in New York in March, I stocked up on American coffee. I prepare it with a French Press and now sometimes with my new "cup filter," which I saw and used at my friend's and bought for myself in Zabar's. The amazing thing about that is that I bought the sample from the shelf, because there weren't any more in stock. And now almost two months later I can't find that simple cup filter on their site. I may have bought the very last one!  Did you know that alte cockes (old folks) like myself get a discount in Zabar's? I don't remember how much, but every penny counts.

I did my "big" (a couple of bags) coffee shopping one evening in the Food Emporium on Second Avenue around 50th Street. They had a special, but only at the cash register did I discover that it was only for their "members," which I'm not. So I only got three instead of four. I just finished one of them, French Roast, and today I opened Caramel Macchiato.

I drink it, as is my custom, with milk and sugar. It has a fun flavor. Probably if I had cream, I wouldn't need the sugar. That's something that many people don't realize when they buy low-fat or "lite" manufactured foods, like mayonnaise or yogurts. Reducing the fat demands that the food get added sweeteners and flavorings. So, it may also be better for weight-watchers to eat the more natural higher fat foods. When it comes to dairy, there are important vitamins and minerals in the milk fats, and if you think you're eating more healthily by cutting out cholesterol, you may be reducing it too much. In those cases, the body overproduces it.

And another thing about coffee is that the caffeine isn't considered all that dangerous either, as long as you don't drink it all day long. A certain amount is healthy for most people.



Leora said...

No one has convinced you to buy a bean grinder? I love the freshly ground coffee beans best.

goyisherebbe said...

I drink coffee and my wife doesn't. I am not one of those "purists" who drinks some special brand. I drink regular Elite instant or whatever I find or regular Turkish coffee or whatever I find wherever I am. Here in the beit midrash there happens to be coffee with hel (cardamom) which is just great after a meat meal. When I did my Pesach shopping I bought a jar of instant coffee which was made with some African beans, supposedly. I like to use either hawayaj (Yemenite spice mix for coffee) or cinnamon and ginger when I have it. But I can do regular without batting an eye. I try to enjoy all sorts of good stuff without missing it when I don't have it. Enjoy!

Batya said...

Leora, no, please I don't want to get that complicated so early in the morning. Both my brothers-in-law, as different as they are about everything else, grinds beans for coffee. At least one of them has a coffeemaker that does the entire operation producing delicious coffee, but I'll make due with my simpler coffee making.

Goyish, Winkie drinks the old Elite "ness," which I hate. On Shabbat I drink a more coffee-like instant. I really enjoy good coffee in the morning, even if it's Elite Turkish perked or boiled up with sugar and then added milk. It gets me moving each morning. Considering that I start the day with water before the coffee, you know to where I'm moving...