Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Macro Magic Sans Special Lens

I'm in a photo group, as you know, 52 Frames and this is the second time I've had the theme/challenge of "macro." That's taking a clear photo of something very small. There are lots of members of the group who have fancy cameras and with lots of switchable lenses, but I'm not one of them. My camera is small and simple, Canon IXUS 145.

Generally I get comments like, "not sharp enough" by those who take the time to say something about my photos. So, with a camera like that, macro is a nightmare, but I'm no quitter. I took a bunch of pictures of tiny things hoping that with extreme cropping and the help of G-d I'd get a good enough photo to fake it.

Here it is-


original size

So, now the comment was that it's too small, the photo that is. I should have expanded it.

The really funny part of the story is that when  took the photo I hadn't noticed the fly. It was only when I cropped it that I discovered it. And I think that the fly just makes the photo something special.  What do you think?


Adela said...

I really like the colors. I normally don't love flies all that much but the fly does make this picture. The contrast between beauty and the reality of nature.

Batya said...

Adela, thanks so much. I also think that without the fly, it would have looked like nothing.