Sunday, April 05, 2015

My Ancient Blender

I have a blender which was bought in 1974. I've used it very few times considering all of the decades I've had it. It's my Passover Pesach blender. I bought it for grating potatoes and onions the year my husband did his basic training service in the IDF. The grating was his job, and considering that for three (ending up being four) months I was the only parent for our two daughters then aged a year and two and a half, I was not going to take over that chore for Passover cooking.

In those days there was a special discount store, Shekem, which had a supermarket and department store including electrical appliances. Soldiers' families got coupons to use there, and considering that in 1974, my husband's army "salary" was the same as an 18 year old got to buy a bit of nosh, we needed that discount.

1974 was also decades before discount shopping stores, like Rami Levy had come to Israel. There also were hardly any supermarkets. Most shopping was in a small, local grocery store and the shuk, open market for those who could get to one.

my Moulinex blender

This one came with a small "coffee bean grinder" which my husband uses for grating the horseradish root for the most powerful "chrain" you can ever imagine. I use it for making kugels and "Savta brei."


rutimizrachi said...

As you know, I love your "early Israel history" stories the best. Thank you for this one! Chag sameach.

Batya said...

"Early Israel?" I don't think of myself as that old but I guess from the perspective of 5775 2015 I have been here a long time.

rutimizrachi said...

AND the country is a baby, compared to other countries. No insult to your age intended, my friend. You have seen a lot of changes over the decades that us newbies wouldn't know about, if people such as yourself didn't write about them.

Batya said...

Israel is an ancient nation but modern country, Ruti.

rutimizrachi said...

Good point.

Batya said...

Jewish People/Nation/Religion/and country all of the above and like no other.