Monday, April 06, 2015

The Medad Version of The Modern Inclusive Completely Kosher Passover Seder

Photo by my husband.
Not all of the Medad clan attended the official family seder, which was at our daughter's home. My three youngest children, plus daughter-in-law and baby granddaughter were in the states for the Holiday with other family members. We do have lots more out there.

First of all, the meal's menu, though you have to go through at least half the Hagaddah before having anything other than some green leaves and wine (or grape juice.)

Yes, that's me doing nothing.  No one else
wants the publicity of a photo which was taken
during set up.
Photo by my husband.
To summarize the meal, you should know that there were both kneidelach and rice. There was a very easy way to know who ate what. All those born Tunisian ate rice and refused the kneidelach. I have no problem seeing rice on the seder table or watching family member eat it. To be perfectly honest, I didn't touch the potatoes either.

We also sang a variety of tunes, and between pretty much all of us, every word in the Hagaddah was read or sung or both. Even I read some of the Hebrew, which may have surprised my grandchildren.

None of the post-Bar Mitzvah aged males made it awake to the end. The only male to stay awake the entire Seder has just over half a decade to go until his Bar Mitzvah. There was lots of singing and dancing by me, my daughters and granddaughters. Could there be something in the genes?

The food was delicious, and we didn't let the lack of alert men stop us from finishing to the very last word, thanks to my daughter. I don't know how she got the energy for it.

In terms of ritual, everything that was required was done and with enthusiasm. The kids came prepared with stories, quizzes and more. We all had a great time, and somehow I was up as usual at 6:30am.

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