Friday, April 24, 2015

G-d Sent Me The Best Rides

Yesterday, as is our custom for Israeli Independence Day we were at my cousin's in Hod Hasharon. That actually isn't all that far from Shiloh; by car it shouldn't take more than forty 40 minutes.  That's similar or less than it takes to get to most of Jerusalem. There's only one problem. We don't have a car. That makes these family get-togethers rather complicated.

My daughter and family actually pass by Shiloh on the way, but they only have room for one more in their car. I offer that to my husband, because if one of us had to tremp, hitchhike it must be me. To make things easier in recent years, I've put in requests to the local email list, and it has gotten us some great rides. I firmly believe that even when we've gotten rides "by chance," it wasn't random. G-d made sure that we went in both directions safely and quickly. I firmly believe that my email to Shiloh is a very important ingredient in the miracles of my traveling. In Judaism there's the principle of "hishtadlut," making an effort. If you make the right efforts, then G-d may contribute His "matching funds" and give us what we are requesting. For me it was safe and efficient traveling to family and then back home.

Photo taken at Tzomet (Junction) Yarkon while waiting for a ride (towards) home.

Here's how it went yesterday:

  • Before I even left my neighborhood, the neighbors from across the street stopped and offered me a lift which took me two-thirds the way. As we were traveling I called my cousin who sent her son to meet me and take me to their house.
  • Going home I waited at least five minutes at Tzomet Yarkon to go to Ariel or Shiloh. 
  • Then I was offered a ride to Ariel, although I wasn't quite sure where to get off, since I doubted he'd be going to the university, where our buses and rides are.
  • It was suggested that I get off and wait at the bus stop just outside of Ariel, near the hotel, which I did. 
  • Immediately a woman pulled up and asked me if I needed the university. 
  • At the university stop, I was just pulling up my hood, since it was cold, when a neighbor stopped. 
  • He took me straight to my door.
Thank G-d!!

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