Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jewish Israeli Holiday Special!

This is a book I won't give away!

I generally give away the books I get to review once I'm finished reading and reviewing them, but my new, beautiful Koren Mahzor for Yom Ha'atzmaut & Yom Yerushalyim is staying with me!
The Koren Yom Ha’Atzmaut Mahzor is the first-ever English-Hebrew prayer book for Israel’s national holidays. It includes complete services for Israel’s Independence Day and Jerusalem Day according to the practices established by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The mahzor features a moving introduction by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, translation by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, commentary by Rabbi Moshe Taragin and Rabbi Binyamin Lau, and a unique collection of essays by other leading scholars in the world of Religious Zionism. Optional prayers such as Hallel and Al-HaNissim are shaded and include extensive notes that explain the halakhic debates surrounding their recitation. 
Not only is this new Koren sensation complete and easy to read, but it's full of fascinating essays including one by my favorite Tanach (Bible) teacher, Dr. Yael Ziegler.

Hallel on Israeli
Independence Day,
Shiloh Mishkan (Tabernacle)
Synagogue, 5775, 2015
In Shiloh we doven the complete Holiday service including the Hallel with a blessing, according the psak, rabbinic decision of the Shiloh Chief Rabbi Elchanan Bin-Nun, whose brother Rav Yoel also has an essay included in the Machzor.

Besides the prayers for Israeli Independence Day and Jerusalem Day, there is also a section for Memorial Day. Yes, this is the complete package and perfect gift for yourself and others.

Even if you don't need this very first bilingual Mahzor for Yom Ha'atzmaut & Yom Yerushalyim for the English when you are praying you will enjoy the essay section. It is a very valuable addition to one's home library. And certainly congregations of English speakers, here in Israel or abroad, that hold Prayers on Israeli Memorial Day, Independence Day and Jerusalem Day should have this Machzor available.

I received it after Independence Day but look forward to praying from it on Jerusalem Day, G-d willing.

AuthorJonathan Sacks
SizeStandard 5.3x8.5

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