Friday, April 03, 2015

Passover! Pesach! פסח!

Yes, it's Passover! Pesach! פסח!

As is our custom, we turned our kitchen into its Pesach mode the day (night) before the great search aka Bedikat Chametz. That gives me an extra day to cook and makes the most sense, since switching after the "search" used to mean that I'd be doing an all-nighter on my own before even attempting the cooking.

Now even though we're not hosting the seder (only one in Israel) I did some cooking. I'll be bringing the kneidelach (matzah balls,) geffilte fish, kugel and some vegetables. All of these recipes are TNT tried 'nd true. Since I made too much geffilte fish, I froze some. I'll probably freeze at least one of the kugels too. I also cooked a chicken while I was at t he stove for us to eat during the week.

Today my husband will make his traditional charoset  and chrain*. That's his contribution.

Yesterday, in order to clean out the freezer, I ate all sorts of strange foods. I hope I haven't put on too much weight. At least I gave away the half loaf of delicious whole-wheat rye bread which I gorged on two days ago.

*horseradish- ground in the coffee-grinder part of our old/ancient blender mixed with a bit of vinegar.

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