Wednesday, August 26, 2015

If We Can Grow Grapes in Shiloh, then it is The Best Place for Vinyards

I must admit that my husband and I are the worst gardeners in the world. I used to do some gardening and even schlepped home and planted gorgeous rose bushes, all shades but red. Way back when, I planted trees and flowers, too. But in recent years, nada, nothing. Our rose bushes are a thorny nightmare, and the rest of the "garden" makes the forest primeval look cultivated and landscaped.

There are two exceptions, a large olive tree planted by the community (Shiloh)before we built our house and our vineyard, which was planned and planted with the help of some neighbors many (about 25) years ago.

Every year we, and some neighbors, enjoy the riches of our fruitful vineyard. And it is 100% clear that this is due to Gd, and Gd only, because we really don't do anything but enjoy it. Our grapes are more than organic; they are Gifts from Gd.

grapes from our vineyard 

Agricultural experts and archaeologists here are discovering how many rich this area once was in terms of grape-growing. At the כנס שילה Kennes Shiloh Conference we saw more newly discovered ancient vats and heard Professor Shivi Drori speak of the numerous ancient grapes that had grown here and are being discovered all over Israel. Local wines were big business, because wine was a daily drink.

And it's very obvious that if we can grow grapes, they must really be growing "wild."

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