Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Most Necessary Equipment in This Day and Age

my portable charger
Nowadays, when cellphones are more than just phones, a major problem is when the battery begins to run down and we're stuck without an electric outlet for charging the phone. My old cellphones could easily go a couple of days without needing to be recharged. All they did for me was to allow me phone contact with others and were also my alarm clock. But now when a "phone" is more like a laptop (portable) computer and even a library in some cases, the standard battery power is never quite enough.

That's why a portable charger, like this one (which my husband once gave me,) can be a lifesaver. I keep one fully charged with me when traveling or going to work, so that I can charge my phone wherever and whenever. I've even stuck the charging phone into a pocket, wires and all.

Last night I lent it to the people driving us from a wedding to Ariel, since they were following directions on Waze, and their phone was almost empty battery-wise. (They were in a rental and didn't have a phone charger.)

Besides the protective case and screen cover I got my phone immediately after purchase, I consider the charger the most necessary of accessories.


Rickismom said...

I have a portable charger-- I sometimes need a touch -up if using the phone a lot (like when geocaching). HOWEVER, if your battery runs down too quickly, sometimes a new battery is needed.

Batya Medad said...

RM, that's true.