Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wabi Sabi, Imperfectly Perfect, 52 Frames

This week's 52 Frames  theme/challenge was a strange one. I had never heard of the term before, but once I understood that it was to make us photograph the beauty of imperfection, I decided to photograph an old, well-lived face.

The first person I asked was an elderly man who works at Rami Levy, Sha'ar Binyamin. I think he's the only one working there older than I am! He thought I was crazy, but he agreed to be photographed.

I took a few photos, each with different lighting. Contrary to my usual custom of of not using (cancelling) the flash, I saw that he needed it on between the place he sat and his hat which put his upper face into a shadow. And once I chose the photo I cropped it. Yes, I've learned a lot by taking on the 52 Frames challenges.

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