Monday, August 03, 2015

Yes, Hot Summer!

This week's a scorcher, and I'm not staying home. Well, first of all my house isn't all that cool. We just have a fan, besides shades on the window and a cooling coover on our merpest, terrace. So it's not all that comfortable in the house. I've been doctoring my water with ice all day and getting out, since I do have a life.

And I do have plans for every day this week besides getting to our local swimming pool during women's hours.  I still work, part-time that is, and I have family, friends and other commitments. I'm not the type to sit at home.

Yesterday I went to see my cousin in Neve Ne'eman, Hod Hasharon. It's not all that far from us, even when tremping aka hitchhiking.

On the way back, at 3pm I caught a bus pretty quickly at Tzomet Yarkon (Junction.) I got my favorite seat by the door and looked around. I noticed a sign:

Yes, that's 38 degrees centigrade outside. Soon it switched to:

That's 22 degrees centigrade inside. According to the converter recommended by Professor Google:
38 Celsius = 100.4 Fahrenheit

22 Celsius = 71.6 Fahrenheit
It sure sounds worse in fahrenheit!

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