Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ladies, Make Plans for Tefilat Chana!

It would be a shame to miss it!

It will be on Wednesday, 25th of Ellul, 5775, September 9, 2015.

This year there will be two amazing shiurim, talks/lectures. From 7-8pm by Shani Taragin in English and then from 8-9 by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi in Hebrew. And also this year, there will be tours of Tel Shiloh in English from 5pm.

Tefillat Chana 5774, 2014

This is your chance, ladies, to doven at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh, the holy place where the Prophetess Chana prayed thousands of years ago. For travel information call 02-5789111/22.

Tefillat Chana 5774, 2014

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