Friday, August 07, 2015

The Phone Kept on Ringing

Suddenly there were a whole bunch of phone calls. I was at work, and I'm not really supposed to be on the phone, but I had to answer. I had to reassure all those calling me to ask how I was.

There were also a whole bunch of SMS's from the Shiloh security with details I could give people. There was a terror attack, a drive into Jews type, like the one I was injured in almost twenty years ago. Baruch Hashem I'm fine. This time the Arab terrorist drove into a few soldiers on patrol.

It happened a couple of kilometers from the Shiloh Junction. It's not a place where Jews wait for rides or wander around, though from the descriptions on the news, people wouldn't know. I knew, because I know the area well. And "everyone" knows that I tremp, take rides aka hitchhike.

As soon as I heard the location, it was clear that it had to have been an attack on soldiers. Soldiers are someone's kids, too. It doesn't make me feel any better about it, just because the victims aren't neighbors. We're all in this together. The Arabs want us all dead and gone.

I had been at work at the time. Actually, I hadn't been home all day. I also hadn't been following the news. I don't work seated at a computer. At least I wasn't told off for being on the phone. My phone quieted down once the news made it clear that the victims weren't pension-age grandmothers.

May G-d send a refuah shleimah, complete recovery to the injured soldiers.

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