Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Windows, Not Just for Looking Through

This week's 52Frames challenge was Windows, no, not the computer kind. The photo I sent in wasn't the one I had planned. It was taken as an afterthought just as I got to my house. And then when I looked at all those windows I had photographed, I decided that I liked it the best, after a bit of simple photo-editing of course.

"Window Unadorned"
This is actually my laundry room window, a photo I shot while approaching my house after taking all sorts of "window shots" in the neighborhood. To say that it was unplanned would be a complete understatement. Of course, davka, the window I had envisioned as my "Window" was the least photogenic of all, and this unkempt window with leaves reflected and "live" has the most "charisma."
That's "art." Isn't it?

Camera: Canon Canon IXUS 145
Shutter: 1/125th of a second
Aperture: f/4
ISO: 200
Location: Shiloh, Israel
I really should have called it "Window Uncleaned." Getting a shot like this one is all in the timing and angle, considering the reflections on the side of the house, north, which rarely gets much sunlight.

And this one was my second choice. I almost submitted it, but then I did a bit more tweaking on the laundryroom one. As you may have guessed from the decoration on top, it's in our neighborhood synagogue, Noam Yonatan in Ramat Shmuel, Shiloh. It also wasn't the one I had been planning.

Here's the one I had planned. I can see it from my regular seat in the synagogue. The "ש" letter "shin" really looks pretty "in person," but it's too narrow and skinny a window to be suitably photogenic when displayed on the computer screen.

Did I choose wrong? I'd love your opinion thanks.

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