Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cold Coffee Update AOK for Strict Sabbath Observers

I've blogged about my successes and raves about Cold Brew Coffee, so easily prepared at home. But as great as it is, I still had trouble with it on Shabbat. I can't use the French Press filter/plunger on Shabbat, so using that entire apparatus is then problematic.

So, since I have really enjoyed having cold coffee on Shabbat, I decided to do something else entirely. A few hours before Shabbat, I made myself a nice big batch of perked coffee, using the Israeli Elite Turkish in my stove top percolator. Then when it cooled sufficiently, I poured it into a glass jar, actually  two, one large and one small, since I made that much. And then this Shabbat I just poured it into my mug, added the usual milk and sugar, and had great coffee!

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