Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Favorite Timewaster? Mine's Spider Solitaire

OK, now you know the truth. I waste time on a card game, a computer card game. Granted, I just use the game that is on the computer and I don't go into any of the game sites. I certainly don't gamble nor sign up up for anything that isn't on my computer. But still I find it very addicting and relaxing. And it can sure waste time.

I used to play Freecell, but now I find it too easy. Spider Solitaire is more of a challenge for the mind. Growing up, the Spiegelman family card game, for generations, was Casino. My father could play and win even into dementia.

So, nu, what's your timewaster? Eating doesn't count, and I don't want to hear that you clean your house...


Adela said...

Love spider solitaire. I play it all the time-but not at work! I work in a high school, it would not be good to take out the cellphone and play even though there are some days when I want to,lol.

Batya said...

I would be afraid I would get nothing done if I played on my phone.