Friday, August 05, 2016

Rami Levy at Rami Levi

I was at work yesterday, morning shift for a change, at the Yafiz shoe store when I heard a lot of noise. At first, with my awful hearing, it sounded like a roar. Then I realized that they were saying:
"Rami Levy!"
Yes, the Rami Levi who owns the enormous discount supermarket chain to which Yafiz is connected, was visiting. Now I understood why the pizza/burger place had been scrubbed down earlier in the morning. Unlike a couple of months earlier, when we had been warned to get the store, Yafiz, Clothes and Shoes for the Whole Family, all spruced up because Yafit, his daughter and the owner, and Rami Levy were coming to visit, this time I had no warning. But everything was fine, and he didn't come to us at all. He and Avi Roeh who's head of Mateh Binyamin (the Benjamin District) plus a bit of staff went into the supermarket for a few minutes and then had a meeting in the pizza/burger place.

Rami Levy in profile, Avi Roeh full-face

I have no idea why or what their discussions were about. I was able to shoot these photos on my phone from just outside the shoe store. Yes, we're all the same complex in Sha'ar Binyamin.

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