Saturday, September 03, 2016

Israeli American Tackle Football Big Time!

My son, the football coach, made it into the National Team, and they are in Italy now for an international tournament. See the facebook page, Israel's American Football National Team.  Yesterday, before Shabbat they played Italy and lost.

With just two people in the house my husband and I had three computers (I got the old laptop working on the dining room table,) plus at least one phone broadcasting the game live simultaneously. That way there was a chance we'd know what was happening. Somehow even though we accessed from the same link, there were two different people speaking and one was slightly ahead of the other.

There's another game tomorrow against a different team. That will be more complicated to watch, since I'll probably be at work. Also having the live game on quickly ate up the phone's battery. But I'll do my best and hope that the family will keep me updated.

As a mother of course I first hope that nobody's injured, then I want a victory. Gd willing, tomorrow we'll have both!!

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