Friday, September 30, 2016

Self-Portrait of a Morning Coffee Drinker & Haikus

Here I am reflected in my French Press...

I've begun a "hashtag" on facebook which you can visit, #morningcoffeehaiku and here are a few of my latest, which I post most mornings:

last night worked too hard
need coffee to save me now
perking takes too long

No zing to coffee
after two mugs wanted more
I miss my Folgers

Drinking my coffee
very cold, made yesterday
efficiently good

got a good night's sleep
waiting for coffee to perk
taking much too long

cold morning coffee now
very soon season to end 
will drink coffee hot

never enough sleep
not enough zing to coffee
night shifts bad for me

PS I'm still looking for a good source for coffee that both packs a wallop and has grounds suitable for a French Press. I'm not all that happy with the Brazilian I had ground in Machane Yehuda a couple of weeks ago. Even though the salesman claimed it was strong, it's pretty wimpy compared to the Folgers I had been using and the power of Elite Turkish when perked.

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