Sunday, September 25, 2016

For a Healthy Year, How about a Fruit Head!

head for 5775
Last week my friend Rose and I were wandering about Machane Yehuda, and we spied some "heads," not at all like the heads I make for the Rosh Hashana table. These were big raw meaty ones. She took some photos, and I, for whatever reason, didn't. They really looked disgusting.

OK, granted that people don't put raw heads on their table, but expect for the pre-Rosh Hashana season, not too many people are in the market to buy an animal head to cook as a centerpiece.

And yes, this is my reminder that there is a nice pretty enjoyable way to to have a Head centerpiece to bless your family, loved ones and guests for a healthy new year. Make a "fruit head." More and more families are adopting my custom every year. Enjoy!

Shana Tovah, Metukah u'Briyah!
May You have a Good, Sweet and Healthy New Year!

 Fruit Head for a Healthy Jewish Year, 5776


Roxanne said...

The picture of the animal head had to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen.:) I like your cool idea to make a 'fruit head' to grace the table with. If I tried to put a real head on my table I'm afraid my husband would either run out screaming or threaten divorce. LOL

Batya Medad said...

Enjoy your fruit. Shanah Tovah