Thursday, September 15, 2016

Repair Day: Washing the Internet?

OK, to make sense, both the washing machine and the internet connection needed repairs. Honestly, I really can't complain. It's not like I'm always stuck home waiting for repairmen. It's actually pretty rare. And considering that I was expecting two in one day... Now, that's timing one must thank Gd for!! For sure.

Just like with illnesses, I don't rush for professional help when there's a technical glitch. I hope that it will "heal"itself. It did start seeming strange and suspicious when the "locked" light would suddenly be lit on the washing machine... while it was off and even when the door was open. It's supposed to remind us that the door can't be opened, even if you pull real hard. And if you pull hard enough, you may cause serious damage to the washing machine. But the light kept suddenly going on, and it didn't keep the door locked. And then the whole house shorted when I turned on the machine. Yes, that couldn't be ignored, like Hillary Clinton's fainting in public. There are times you must call in the professionals. So, while Hillary was home in Chappaqua trying to beat her pneumonia to submission, I took a break from my laundry and waited for the repairman.

And as you know, since I had blogged about it last week, we have been having internet connection problems. The idiots Bezeq customer service telephone staff kept trying to offer me a new router box. They would even have it delivered any place in Jerusalem, so we could install it ourselves. I declined and demanded a technician. It took a week, but he finally arrived.

And as you can see, the problems had nothing to do with that little box. As I had suspected, it was all in the cables.

Now we can get back to business washing and blogging... and a bit of facebook and email, too.

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