Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jerusalem Train Stop in Center of Town and the Jewish Calendar

Indian summer in Jerusalem. Well, actually it's normal weather for September before Rosh Hashanah. this year the holidays will seem a bit late, since they are celebrated according to the Jewish Calendar and not the "regular" aka goyish one. The Jewish is lunar, according to the moon's cycles and the "other" calendar is solar. The Muslim one is also lunar, but it doesn't work like the Jewish one. 

Jewish Holidays must be celebrated in the right season, so since twelve lunar months come up short in terms of the solar, we add a month every couple of years by a special formula which keeps our holidays in the correct season. The Muslims don't do that correction, so their holidays float all over the solar calendar and have no seasonal connection. 

One of the reasons the Jewish Holidays must be in the correct season is because we are an agricultural people connected to the Land of Israel. And the Muslims aren't connected...

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