Friday, September 23, 2016

Instead of The Usual Shabbat Wine... Israeli Beer

A few years ago, my friend Doug, of  Israel Brews and Views, got me hooked on Israeli craft beers. Since then, I've even been a panelist at tastings he has run. And I also attended a beermakers session at Biratenu in downtown Jerusalem. 

Not that long ago, it was very hard to buy Israeli craft beers in stores; you had to find the beermakers by word of mouth. But I've had some from the larger ones in restaurants in the shuq (Machane Yehuda) and now there are quite a few stores selling them.

The big problem is carrying the bottles home. They don't sell brands like these in Rami Levy, Sha'ar Binyamin, sigh. I would love to drink these Israeli beers on Shabbat instead of wine. Someday, Gd willing.


Rickismom said...

Jyou need to buy better quality wine... LOL

Doug Greener said...

No problem with the beer, at least on Shabbos morning. It's certainly better than "grape juice" as a mashke hamedina. And look, you don't have to shlepp home a six-pack. Just bring a single bottle, and enjoy.

Batya Medad said...

Rickismom, I actually "react" better to beer than wine. It's better for me. The reason may be the sulphides in almost all of the wines.
Doug, I don't get to the shuk often enough to just buy one... I'll have to plan buying trip and bring my mother's old "gym" bag on wheels.