Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem #10, At Least There were Toilet-paper and Soap

This is a continuation in my ongoing series about public toilets in Jerusalem. See #9,  #8#7,  #6,  #5, Saved by The First Station aka #4a#4#3#2and #1 

In downtown Jerusalem, on Jaffa Street between the Zion Square area and Machane Yehuda, there aren't too many public toilets. One location is that rather unsuccessful "mall" aka the Clal Building. In its early years you could use almost all of the W.C.'s near the elevators on each floor.

But then they decided to restrict "walk-ins," meaning those who didn't work in the building, to the Restrooms on Floor "E." That means that either we walk up a few flights of stairs in zigzag through the mall, or in the spooky inner staircase between the elevators but near the public toilets. Or you can take the elevator.

To be honest, I never know what awaits and how many stalls are available. But I wasn't too happy with what I saw:

That's right! No seat. It was almost a urinal. It's a good thing my leg muscles are pretty strong. But at least there was toilet paper, and the soap dispenser was full and easy to use. And it seemed to be clean, because there was none of that old public toilet smell that was once so common here and in the NYC subway toilets... OK with all my complaints, its not as bad as it once was, B"H.

But still it's worth making sure you have tissues and some sort of cleansing stuff, since there's no guarantee that the public toilets will have all the necessary requirements.

Enjoy in good health...

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