Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jerusalem Walk, Old Train Tracks

Yesterday was a very long and busy day for me. It started just after 4am, and I finally crawled into bed close to 1am. I got to Matan twice! 

For some strange reason, when I posted the pictures from my phone to Blogger their order was reversed. So my destination is above the path I took.

I took the 6am bus from my Shiloh neighborhood to Jerusalem, and there was no traffic at all. After taking the light-rail at Ammunition Hill to Safra Square, Jerusalem Municipality WC, it was only 7:15 which gave me a full hour to walk to Matan, which I did! It was one of those perfect for walking days, which are a special treat mid-winter. Also, I was trying out my third pedometer app. Now I'm using one that is simply called Pedometer. After a bit of tweaking and getting used to, like having to turn it off when in a slow-moving vehicle, it's doing its job better than the others I have tried. And yes, that is how much I walked yesterday!

When I got to the Emek Refaim-Pierre Koenig-Ben Zakkai junction, I realized that this was a perfect day to walk the "track park" to Matan. It's full of "fitness playgrounds" for people of all ages, toddlers to adults. But I didn't have time to stop.

And this photo, below, is what I used for yesterday's 365project!

Old Jerusalem Train Tracks
I took a walk there this morning.
If you don't have the opportunity to walk, cycle, run/jog or skate it, at least enjoy the pictures.

PS All of the photos of the walk were taken with my new smartphone, Samsung J7.

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