Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Best Salad Deal in Jerusalem!

After enjoying that spinach knish from "Coney Island," the taste of Brooklyn on Jaffa Street by the light-rail stop, a few steps from Zion Square, I just had to try something more dietetic. Maybe one day when I enter with a few friends, I'll share one of their gorgeous cupcakes.

I took a tuna salad, which kept eyeing me... As you can see, the container is full of goodies. It only costs NS19- In other take out places a similar salad would cost more, well over twenty shekels.

Actually, I didn't eat it immediately, and it was still nice and fresh when I did. And it looked even better when I finished it off in a nice fancy bowl at a friend's apartment.

Israel's Coney Island is more than an inexpensive food place, it also does catering and has totally separate dairy and meat kitchens. And they also do strictly parve catering and takeout. Contact Avi 054-569-6135 or Yael 052-668-4005

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