Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Crucial Stir-- French Press Tip

One needs patience, a timer or some sort of busy routine when making coffee in a French Press. There's the first step when you pour boiling water over the coarsely ground coffee. It must sit and soak and brew for a few minutes. Some say four minutes, but I don't time it. I've just developed a routine that uses time. I take pictures of the sunrise or however the sky looks for my #morningcoffeehaiku on Facebook. I also get the sugar and milk ready.

By then the coffee and boiling water look like in the photo above. So, I give it a good stir, so it mixes extra well and can even look foamy, like the photo below.

I guess by then four or enough minutes have passed, so I can push down the plunger which filters the coffee liquid up and keeps the grounds on the bottom for a perfect mug of coffee.


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