Tuesday, December 20, 2016

UPDATED- Still Trying to Find the "Perfect" Pedometer App

I had been using "walklogger" for quite awhile, but it just didn't record all my steps. I'd walk all around the Israel Museum, and it would say I had only taken about sixty 60 steps. Also, sometimes it would keep going back to a lower number and refuse to give me my "gold," "silver" or "bronze" medal.

So when I got my new phone, I decided to try a different application. This one is called Google "Fit," and it's not perfect either, sigh... This morning I walked down the hill so quickly, it registered as if I had ridden a bicycle. I must get used to it, of course. We must get used to each other...

I played around with it and hope that it will forget about the bicycle. I also deleted running. All I do is walk.

If you have any suggestions of a better free app, please let me know, thanks. I'd appreciate it, really.

... my third pedometer app. Now I'm using one that is simply called Pedometer. After a bit of tweaking and getting used to, like having to turn it off when in a slow-moving vehicle, it's doing its job better than the others I have tried. And yes, that is how much I walked yesterday!

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