Tuesday, August 08, 2017

A Bissel Traveling- Netanya!

Some friends and I met for a late lunch in Netanya. Review of restaurant will be in a different post. It's hard to remember the last time, if there was one, when I walked around that seaside city. I had forgotten completely how pleasant and compact the city is.

waiting for ride in Jerusalem
I checked out travel logistics via Ariel, which is very doable. But since I had a direct ride with a friend straight from Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem at a time, davka, two buses would arrive from Jerusalem, that's how I got there. This is not the season to be standing outside wondering when buses would come and then having to find one's way in an unfamiliar city. The added bonus was being able to spend time with a friend I don't see much.

We could sea the Mediterranean Sea, the gorgeous blue ocean, from our table in the restaurant. I had packed one of my bathingsuits hoping there would be time to go into the water, but that didn't happen... next time, Gd willing.

One of our small group lives in Netanya and another had been nearby for Shabbat. That's why we decided to go there.

After eating, we wandered around the Netanya boardwalk. I was saved from buying ice cream, since there was no mint.

Then the Jerusalemites left, and my friend took me to my neighbor's store. It was a short walk. Yes, I had a ride home straight to Shiloh. It's a good thing, since it was an exhausting day. Remember that I had spent a full morning exercising in the pool before my travel adventure. Netanya is really pretty close to Shiloh. I must go there again and soon.

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